Beautiful sights

Beautiful sights
Horses at blue water Lake state park

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The sky is falling, the sky is falling!

Yesterday evening I noted that the sky was darkening, and my hounds were more alert than comatose.

The sky got even darker, and finally we started having lightning and thunder.  Fleur got off her bed and tried her best to get completely under my La-z-boy recliner.  Power looked very alertly at me to ask "What is going on?"  The cat jumped off her bed on the motorhome dash and climbed up on the back of the La-z-boy.

The wind started blowing, the thunder and lightning crashed and hurled itself at us, the rain was not rain, it was torrents of water, and as Power put his head back down for the rest of his nap, Fleur was cuddled up to the base of my chair for emotional comforting, the cat (Chica) came down on my lap and tried to dig a hole to China.

After the storm was over, I took the dogs out of the motorhome, and closed the gates to the maintenance yard (where we camp) and turned the dogs loose to run off some of their energy.  They ran like crazy until about 15 minutes had passed and they were exhausted.
Fleur returning to home base after chasing after Power for 15 minutes.

The tall guy in this picture threw tennis balls for the dogs to retrieve, and Power outran everybody.  He was so much fun to watch.

After tiring themselves out, I noticed that lying in the swimming pool seemed really appealing to the dogs!

Happy Dogs!


  1. Bet they were happy to stretch their legs after that crazy storm.

  2. Oh, wow, I'm so sorry I missed that! You know how I love storms. I guess the monsoons really aren't over yet.

    So Power plays ball? That's pretty cool. Great way for you to exercise him if you don't feel like taking the car out. :)

  3. That storm must have been scary. Glad everyone got some playtime afterwards.

  4. Flattery is having yard and tennis ball chasing envy in the worst way right now!



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