Beautiful sights

Beautiful sights
Horses at blue water Lake state park

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Interesting people I meet...tenters, and others

Day visitors:  They all ask the same question:  "Can we have a campfire? "  Somehow they can't read the large sign at the park entrance!

Tenters camp

Tenters:  They have a hard time getting tent pegs into this rocky area.  They seem to be younger, but I met one senior fellow who walks with a cane and a limp, camping in a small tent, out of his car. After Easter Sunday there was a large mount of trash to be picked up, and while a host was picking up trash in the campsites, this gentleman offered to help!  Most people who needed a cane to get around would not make this offer.

Motorcycle campers have nice lightweight tents in their saddlebags, and usually have a loud rumble from their motorcycle engines.  As the groups arrive the loud rumble from their cycles sounds like a giant airplane landing.  It's great.

Pickup truck campers:  They want a level spot and a water faucet to fill their tanks.
tent stays on car and opens for use.

Travel trailer campers:  They want a pull through site so that they dont have to back in.

Solo campers:  Sometimes are single women, and I always like to hear their stories of how to do things by themselves.  Men travelling solo always have good but different ways of taking care of themselves.

Military campers are always welcome in my eyes.  I respect their dedication to do jobs that are often dangerous.  They are usually so pleasant to be around and I enjoy the accounts of their lives in the military services.

Pet owners:  Leashes are required but  many pet owners think it doesn't apply  them. They leave the dog loose and want help to find the dog when it runs off.   Likewise they don't want to pick up the poop from their dogs.  Of course many pet owners are great and take full responsibility for their pets.  So I hope that the many responsible owners set an example for the others to learn from.
I don't want to be petted, so I'm moving!

Club campers:  Groups of people from various RV clubs arrive over a days time.  They are usually not well informed about the area and all ask the same questions.  They are usually very nice people though.

Group campers:  For example, Boy Scout troops, church groups, school groups, clubs.  They are almost always really interesting and fun people.  Our park has a group site that can be reserved.  The site includes a large shelter with picnic tables, multiple tent sites, and a slight isolation.

Foreign visitors:  We get many foreigners-Germans, Swiss, French, Swedish, Icelanders, Spanish, Venezuelans, Mexicans, Canadians, Chinese, Japanese, etc. Such nice people, speaking some English, smiling a lot, and enjoying the sights.  We have some of our brochures in other languages to accommodate them.

Primitive sites near lake's edge

sites on beach


  1. Sounds like you've got them all pegged and covered! *grin*

    1. I really enjoy meeting everybody, and wish that I could say yes to every request.

  2. Blimey you sure meet a lot of interesting people.

    1. Blimey, I wish we had that word in our vocabulary! But I agree with you that people are interesting!

  3. We are tenters. We have a HUGE 12 person tent now to accomodate the pups. They are always tied to something in camp, though with a lake like that I would have to let Bender off for a swim, as long as it was warm enough that he would dry before bed time. Both dogs like to snuggle to keep warm whilst camping :)


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