Beautiful sights

Beautiful sights
Horses at blue water Lake state park

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Windstorm, or is it a dirtstorm?

In the desert, the soil is largely sand, and so that means that it's not held together with glue( like clay soils), and thus when we have strong wind, we get sand blowing and sometimes it is so thick that one can't see through it. Today that is the condition we have.  Tomorrow will be the motorhome cleanup, as the dirt gets everywhere! It is supposed to be blowing rain our way.  Rain would be very welcome in moderate amounts!

Actually, we did get some rain, but not enough to write home about!  In the desert, rain does help the plants to bloom,as you see  in this picture.

Ocotillo bloom after rain

By the way, I noticed a new follower and so I want to welcome him and his family:  Peter Bedard ,along with Maura, and their dog Fraser! I want to welcome them and say that I'm glad that he and his family are also travelling via an RV, and enjoying the experiences. Peter has a blog  Bucket List or Bust RV travels.


  1. That flower looks so pretty and exotic! I hope your clean up isn't too bad.

  2. Hope the rain soon comes to dampen down the sand.

    Lovely bloom.


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