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Beautiful sights
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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Solar Panel Care

Solar panes are very self sufficient, in most instances.  That is one of their best qualities.

Some solar panels are installed to be elevated on a stand to get more solar gain. I see many people doing that, and I chose to not elevate mine, because I didn't want to have to remember to put them down before I drive.  To make up the difference, I added more solar panels to the roof.  I therefore get the same amount of solar gain as if I had fewer panels but had them elevated.

When the panels lie flat, they are a bit more prone to get dusty or dirty.  Occasionally, I need to wash or dust the panels to make them as efficient as possible.

I have a ladder on the back of my motorhome, as most folks do.  I don't mind climbing up, but when I get up top, I feel slightly unsteady.  I found that if I take a walking stick up, then I have really good balance, and can get the panels dusted or washed.  

While on the roof I check all the roof caulking and make sure there is no other damage.

For now the panels and the roof look good!


  1. Hmmm that is a good idea taking up the walking stick, we will have to remember that. I know how you feel up there, you feel like you are swaying and sometimes get dizzy. Be careful up there.

  2. Be careful up there! Heights scare me to death. It's not the height, really. It's being on the edge that bothers me most. But you do have to keep those panels clean to keep that electricity flowing. Stay safe!

  3. solar panels are really a good innovation to save energy. and what you did is a smart thing ;-)

  4. My solar panels lie flat, too, at the suggestion of my solar installer. He said if I point the RV toward the west, I'll get the best bang for my buck, so that's what I do. I just checked my panels and they aren't tooooo dusty and my batteries are full, so I'll clean them when I get to New Mexico. :)


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