Beautiful sights

Beautiful sights
Horses at blue water Lake state park

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New Friend

I got lots of helpful comments on feeding from my last post.  Thanks everyone for the input!

Recently I met a new friend, a beautiful greyhound named IDee.  She is a beautiful brindle senior.  She has apparently never had a home before, but she is a smart girl(a greyhound, naturally smart!), and she has most of it figured out.  She knows that a bed (dog bed) is for napping, sleeping, spying, and digging.  She knows that food is for claiming before someone else steals it!
She knows that a leash means a walk (heavenly)!  She is also a sweet natured girl who got along beautifully with my two greyhounds.  We sat in the yard and all the dogs were free in the yard and each did some chewing on rawhides, and looking each other over.  I have two dog beds in the yard and the dogs took turns using them.  My black greyhound, Power, was more uncomfortable from the sunshine than the others, so he sat in the shade most of the time. ( This is my first black greyhound and I believe the black color makes a big difference in heat tolerance.



Tom and Joyce are IDee's new mom and dad.  They tell me that they almost always adopt a senior greyhound because the seniors are harder to adopt out and need homes just as much as the youngsters.


  1. She's lovely.

    I've also heard that black Greys have more of a problem with the sun.

  2. IDee is just beautiful. That is so so sweet that she has a home now. They seem to make such wonderful pets. Is it true that they don't bark much? This was such a happy post today, thanks for sharing it.

  3. Bless her new Mom and Dad for giving her a loving, forever home. I've heard the same thing about seniors - difficult to find homes for them because of their age. I've also heard how rewarding it is to love a senior hound. Be happy, IDee!


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