Beautiful sights

Beautiful sights
Horses at blue water Lake state park

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bird Feeding and/or Bird Watching

Gambel's quail eating my bird seed.
Do you like birds? 

I enjoy watching them, whether they are flying, eating, bathing, raising chicks, or otherwise occupied.  I've been feeding the desert birds with a mixture of black oil sunflower seeds and wild bird seed.  The Gambel's quail are my favorite of the ground birds here in this part of the desert.

The quail seem to live in and under the palo verde trees on the north side of the arroyo.  They leave their hiding place, and come over to my seed which is only about 3 yards from their Palo Verde shelters.  Sometimes they share the seed with doves and white-crowned sparrows.  Sometimes they try to chase the doves and sparrows away.When I walk over to add bird seed, I check the ground and it's fascinating to see their foot prints, and see how the quail have scratched up the ground.


  1. I love looking at birds - my favorites are cardinals and blue birds. They seem to do well in this climate. Unfortunately, we also have lots and lots of pigeons who make great big messes on our porch. Also, we are lucky to have a very healthy population of bats to help with mosquitoes in the spring and summer.

    1. The bats sound very interesting. What type are they?

  2. Oh yes, I love birds. I could sit and watch them at the feeders for hours. When our hens used to have babies I would sit and watch her scratch around and cluck to the chicks and then they would come running. So cute! Those little quail are so eating it up! Cute little heads.

  3. They are pretty. I like the little feathers sticking out on their heads.

    Do you see any animals?

  4. I remember those quail well. I used to love watching them, too. We have quail here, but none have come into my site yet. I have a larger site that I moved into last night, and today I spread out some seed. There are smaller birds there now, I'm hoping for more critters. The man who was here before me said the Roadrunner comes through this site, so I'm on the lookout for him. Even washed my windows so I can get the perfect shot if I'm lucky enough to see him. :)


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