Beautiful sights

Beautiful sights
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Monday, January 28, 2013

Doggy Danger...Part 2

Today Power went to the Vet, who told me that I should have found an emergency vet Friday when the skin was torn.  I felt about 2 inches tall, but replied that previous vets had told me not to sew skin tears.  

He gave me antibiotics to give Power, and the scheduled surgery for tomorrow at 8 am.  

Sweet Power was calm and sweet throughout.  He is such a dear. 

The Vet in Quartzsite is open a half day three days a week.  He's a real sweet guy and his office staff is a great lady who gets to bring her poodle to work each day ( my kind of job).  When I drove to the office, the parking lot was already nearly full. I did find a spot, and left Fleur to guard( ha!) the car. 
As I walked to the office, a lady walked up to me and said "You're number 9!"
I chuckled, because there is always a group of people waiting to get in the waiting room.  Today all the dogs were very well behaved except one Min-pin who tried to kill every one who got within 10 feet of the dog. 

I have decided to make a one legged pant for Power to wear while healing so that he can't pull his stitches out.  I have a sweat jacket that will be sacrificed for the project.


  1. Poor Power, and your poor pocketbook! Is he going to be sporting a pink sleeve from the sweatshirt I gave you for the dogs? If so, I'm glad it will be put to good use. I hope you'll post a photo of him in his one-legged pant. :)

  2. I hope you'll post a picture of his one-leg pant. I'm interested to see how you'll do it. I hope all goes well with his healing. Sending good thoughts.

  3. I was lucky when Polly was spayed recently, as I knew she wouldn't like those big collar things the vets used, so I said I'd put her muzzle on (being an ex racer she's use to it, although I only put it on in the car). Well, didn't even have to use the muzzle. The only thing she did lick was the shaved area on her leg, where they had to put the needle.

    Hope Power is soon all healed up.

  4. Surgery? Is he just stitching him up?

  5. Well, I can't think what that vet was talking about. An emergency vet for a 1" skin tear? Good grief - when I called in at 1am because Jeffie had torn two 4 inch gashes (plus a 'little' one) in himself running into a brick wall they wanted me to wait till morning!! My vets are the greyhound vets who do all the track work, but to be fair it was a young 'girl' vet who said that, not knowing he was a greyhound. We insisted he be seen in that case, of course.

    Funny about those little dogs, huh?


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